Friday, July 13, 2012

SilverClan Prolouge

Water splashed onto NettlePaw's cheek.
"You're WaterStar now!!" WillowPaw squealed.
"If I'm WaterStar, you're DeadSoul!!" NetllePaw retorted. Willowpaw growled softly and pounced.
"Hey, ouch! Stop it!!" NettlePaw was wriggling everywhere like a helpless kit.
"I call being ThunderStar!" WillowPaw shrieked in her ear.
"You're a pretty-paw! I'm gonna be SharpStar!" NettlePaw leaped and slashed the air.
"No fair!" WillowPaw grumped. She nipped NettlePaw's paw softly.
"Okay, okay! What do you wana play?!" WillowPaw rolled over and pretended to give up.
"Ha, ha!" NettlePaw sliced at WillowPaw, with his paws. WillowPaw pushed him up and pounced on the brown apprentice.
"Enough you two, save the fight for the Shadow Rats!" A loud voice sliced the air.
NettlePaw slunk into the trees. "Sorry ThistlePelt." A gray warrior stood, his dull pink tail lashing, his ears perked and ready.
"We were just playing.." WillowPaw's tail was low and dragging on the ground, feeling guilty. ThistlePelt twitched his ears. Then he snorted,
"You two were loud enough to wake a dead NoTail!"
"But I've never seen a dead NoTail!"
"Thats the point!" Suddenly, a shadow covered the sky. Dark brown wings covered the clouds.
"HAWK ATTACK!" NettlePaw squeaked loudly.
"Get into the Cave!" ThistlePelt hissed, his pelt bristling with nervousness and anger. The mice ran, their legs pumping hard and ready to dart into the Cave, safe from anything." The screech of the beaked predator warned NettlePaw it was getting close! The hawk scraped it's talons across Nettlepaw's back and into his tail. He pulled and pulled. The talons scraped his ear. It was getting closer. ThistlePelt and WillowPaw were already in the cave.
"Hurry NettlePaw!"
"It's going to claw your ear off!" NettlePaw stared in horror at the bloody stump of an ear. She ran again, the ear shrieking of pain. and finally, she leaped into the cave and skidded to a halt with his claws. Blood dripped into his fur.
"WILLOWPOOL!" ThistlePelt's sharp squeak called to the talented medicine mouse. WillowPool dashed into the clearing, her mouth full of leaf-rolls. She peeled open a leaf and there was a stick of cobwebs,  marigold sour to the smell, and some yarrow.
"This marigold isn't strong enough." WillowPool muttered. She rolled open another leaf and some black roots appeared in the ivy leaf. She first chewed up the roots, spitting out the dirt and sticking it to NettlePaw's ear. It sled off slowly and plopped on the ground.
"Catchweed," she murmured. She rolled out a large ivy leaf and NettlePaw glanced at the plants. They we spiky and NettlePaw didn't know what it was for.
"Is it for the poultice?" She asked quietly.
"It's to help for the poultice to stick on the stub of an ear of yours." WillowPool  answered.

Monday, June 25, 2012

SilverClan the Legend

Once, long ago, there were mice who fought over a large stone to be their home. Much blood was spilled that night. The spirits who fought over the cave rose and appeared. No wounds, or scratches were shown. They took 17 whiskers from themselves and closed it in their paws. It appeared as a golden star.
"Remeber that, follow 17 Whiskers of Law or Die." The spirits annouced.
"MICE OF THE CLANS HAVE RISEN!" Yowled a mouse from a tall rock.
"Who will become our leader?" A small white pretty-paw with silver stripes asked. A sturdy gray he-mouse stepped forward. He had hard gray pads, and strong back legs for jumping.
"I will."
"No!" Shouted a loevly tortiseshell, her paws were white and delicate, but her arms and legs were well-muscled, and her pelt was sleek.
"I will be leader." Argued the silver striped mouse. The fought for a while, untill their lungs heaved for breath and their eyes were thin and weak. Fur clumped on the ground and blood soaked the grass.
"Stop!" Squeaked the starry mouse. "You are all foolish as rats!" The white spirit was angry and her eyes were beady. Another he-mouse stepped foward, his eyes wise and gentle.
"You must find your territory, find mice with your abilities and strengh, set down borders and live peacefully on the 17 Whiskers Of Law. The mice bowed their heads. The starry spirit also added.
"You will come to the place called the Star Grounds. You will lay and stare up at the starry spirits and sleep for one night. We will come to you and give you an extra 17 lives if you will swear to lead your Clan wisely.
"You will become medicine mice to heal the sick, and helpers to substitute everything if it is needed. Warriors will fight and defend their Clan, nursing Mothers will suckle kits and care for them."
The silver pretty-paw rasied a shining paw.
"What about the elderly?" The starry spirit bowed her head respectfully.
"Elders will be the honored ones, having the rest of their lives as rest." All the mice murmured their agreement.
"Deputies will become leaders after a leader dies. They must be chosen before sunset." The sturdy gray tom muttered something, loud enough for everyone to hear.
"What else will they do?"
"They will substitute the Clan, order around patrols, while leader may do the same and hold Clan Meetings." A beautiful pretty-paw, golden, spotted brown, swayed to rest her gaze on the mice.
"And once, every full moon, a meeting will be held. A Gathering will be peace and leaders may share news with other Clans. If blood is spilled on that night, you know we are very angry." All the new leaders bowed their heads. SilverStar of SilverClan were the quick and nimble, crouching low to sneak up on a cricket, or chase grasshoppers on the moors. LakeStar of LakeClan were the swimmers, deep bellied in water, catching water skaters or minnows. MountainStar of MountainClan lived up in the hills, rocky and they could jump higher than any mouse possible.
But one night, blood hovered through the forest, forming rats and their belief of the Darkness. They called themselves KillerClan, and DeadSoul led the Clan
But the mice were strong and the age of the Clans begun.